Apply for a Service Pension

Apply for a Service Pension

Ready to retire? Follow these steps to apply for a Service Pension!

Obtain your Letter of Intent (LOI) to Retire. 

At least six weeks before your desired retirement date, schedule an appointment with your department’s counselor to begin the application process. At your appointment, your counselor will help you prepare your LOI and:


  • Provide information regarding unused sick, vacation and overtime balances;
  • Help you select a pension effective date that will be advantageous to you; and
  • Make your retirement appointment with LAFPP DROP/Service Pensions Section
Submit Required Documents to LAFPP.

Next, you will meet with the LAFPP Benefits Specialist to apply for service retirement. Please bring your LOI to Retire (signed by you and your employing department)to your appointment. In addition, please bring any of the following personal documents and certificates that are not on file, including:


  • Your marriage certificate or proof of dissolution of prior marriage(s), such as final dissolution of marriage decree(s) or death certificate(s),
  • Birth certificate(s) for your minor or dependent children, and/or
  • Letter from the Department confirming filing of a Declaration of Domestic Partnership.


At your appointment, you will complete the following forms and receive information on non-taxable contributions and retaining current voluntary deductions. Click here to view the various Service Retirement Forms.

Receive First Pension Check.

The LAFPP Benefits Specialist will process your completed application and forms. You will receive your first pension check at the end of the following month after your retirement effective date.


You have until one day prior to your service pension effective date to change your mind and revoke your application. Afterwards, your decision to retire becomes irrevocable. You must notify your counselor at DROP/Service Pensions Section and complete the Service Pension Rescission Notice.


If you have any questions, you may contact the DROP/Service Pensions Section at (213) 279-3100 or (844) 88-LAFPP.