Enroll In DROP

Enroll In DROP

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Who is eligible to participate in DROP?

You are eligible to enter DROP if you are in:

  • Tier 2 or Tier 4 and have at least 25 years of service, or
  • Tier 3, Tier 5, or Tier 6 and have at least 25 years of service and are at least age 50. 

DROP is available to the following members of the Fire and Police Pension Plan, if all other eligibility requirements have been met:

  • Police Department: All members of the Police Department, except for the Chief of Police,
  • Fire Department: All members of the Fire Department, except for the Chief Engineer,
  • Harbor Department: All members of the Harbor Department, or
  • Airport Department: All members of the Airport Department.

Note: On the day you enter DROP, you must be on active duty/working status, (includes light-duty). If you are on a non-working status, (sick, IOD, vacation, accumulated time off, etc.) your intended effective date of DROP participation will be adjusted to reflect the date which you returned to active duty/working status. Here is a list of DROP Entry Active Duty Payroll Codes.

How long may I participate in DROP?

Members who entered DROP prior to February 1, 2019, may participate in DROP up to a maximum of 60 months (5 years). See below for new provisions applicable to members entering on or after February 1, 2019.

How does DROP work?

  • While in DROP, your monthly pension payment is held in a nominal account with a guaranteed interest rate of 5% annually.
  • When you decide to leave the DROP program (after 1 day or up to 5 years maximum), you are required to terminate sworn employment with the Fire, Police, Harbor or Airport Department.
  • You will then begin to receive your service pension benefits on a monthly basis.
  • In addition, you may receive your accumulated DROP account balance in a lump-sum, rollover or combination lump-sum and rollover.

What happens once I enroll in DROP?

  • You are considered “retired” for pension calculation purposes only; no further service credit is earned. Your service credit accrual and all of your eligibility conditions are frozen on the date you enter DROP.
  • You must purchase prior service time, lost service time (Tier 2), Workers’ Compensation State Rate Time or Academy/Drill Tower Time (Tiers 3, 4, 5, 6) prior to enrollment in DROP for that time to be counted toward your service credit.  Purchases of service must be completed prior to enrollment in DROP.
  • You must be on active duty/working status (includes light-duty) on your DROP entry effective date.  If you are on a non-working status (sick, IOD, vacation, accumulated time off, etc.), your intended effective date of DROP participation will be automatically adjusted to reflect the date when you returned to active duty/working status.
  • The following provisions only affect members who enter DROP on or after February 1, 2019:
  • Your participation in DROP will be suspended for any calendar month in which you do not spend at least 112 work hours on “active duty” status;
  • If you sustain a serious injury on duty and are admitted to the hospital for a minimum of 3 consecutive days as a direct result of that injury, your participation will not be suspended during the first 12 calendar months following the date of injury;
  • If your DROP participation is suspended, you will be eligible to participate in DROP for a maximum of 30 additional months beyond your original 5-year/60-month participation period. Your participation period can only be extended for as many months as your participation was suspended;
  • No interest accrues on your DROP account following the initial 5-year/60-month participation period, including any periods of participation suspension.

Planning to enter DROP?

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth enrollment process!

Purchase(s) of Service Credit. 

You must complete all purchases of service credit prior to entering DROP. A purchase is considered completed when LAFPP has received payment in full. Please contact the LAFPP Active Member Services Section regarding purchases of service credit.


Service credit should be purchased no less than six months prior to your anticipated retirement or DROP entry date.

Obtain a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Enroll in DROP.

Your LOI will be prepared by the LAFPP Benefits Specialist.


Harbor Port Police members: Please obtain your LOI by contacting Harbor Department Human Resources.

Airport Police members: Please obtain your LOI by contacting Airport Department Human Resources.

Schedule a DROP Entry appointment.
  • Call the LAFPP DROP/Service Pensions Section to schedule an appointment no more than 60 days and no less than 3 days prior to your intended DROP entry effective date.
  • Appointments are required and must be scheduled with the LAFPP Benefits Specialist assigned to process your entry.
  • Once an appointment has been scheduled, your DROP Entry packet will be emailed to you. Prior to your scheduled appointment, complete the entry packet forms, but do not sign them.

You must submit your application to enroll in DROP by appointment only.

Bring the following to your DROP Entry appointment:
  • Your California Drivers License or department picture ID card,
  • Social Security numbers and birth certificates for your spouse/domestic partner and any minor/dependent children,
  • Marriage certificate or state-registered domestic partnership documents (if not already on file with LAFPP), and
  • Dissolution of marriage documents for all prior marriages.
  • Harbor Port and Airport Police members: You must also bring the LOI prepared by your department.
Consider the following before entering DROP:
  • You have until one day prior to your DROP entry effective date to change your mind and revoke your DROP application. Afterwards, your decision to participate in DROP becomes irrevocable.
  • Per the Los Angeles Administrative Code, Section 4.2101(c)(1), your DROP entry date may not be backdated.
  • You must be on active duty status on your DROP entry date. In the event you are sick, on vacation or on any other non-working status on this day, your DROP entry date will automatically be advanced to the next qualifying date.


If you have any questions, you may contact the DROP Section at (213) 279-3100 or (844) 88-LAFPP, Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PDT), excluding weekends and City Holidays.