Your DROP Account

Your DROP Account

How much interest will my DROP account earn?

Interest is earned at an annual percentage rate of 5% and your account will be credited with interest earned semi-annually, on June 30 and December 31. No interest shall accrue after you terminate DROP participation.

Will I be able to take a loan from my DROP account?

No. The provisions of DROP do not allow you to take a loan from your DROP account.

Can I get an estimate of how much money my DROP account will accumulate?

Visit our website at and access MyLAFPP, our Internet-based member information portal. Click on the “Log In” button in the MyLAFPP box. Once you are logged into MyLAFPP, you can calculate an estimate of how much money will accumulate in your DROP account.

When can I see information on the balance in my DROP account?

Semi-annual DROP statements are available on our website the first week of January and July in MyLAFPP. Additionally, you can log in to MyLAFPP to view your balance at any time.