Life Events

Life Events

A life changing event may impact your LAFPP pension. When a major life event occurs, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, or a divorce you can find information on what you need to do. For common questions click below:

New Marriage/Domestic Partnership

If you recently got married or would like to file and submit proof of a Domestic Partnership you should always update your LAFPP status.

To submit proof of your new Marriage and additional information click here.

To submit proof or file a Domestic Partner form click here.

Dissolution of Marriage/Termination of Domestic Partnership

As a member of LAFPP, it is important that you understand the impact a dissolution of marriage may have on one of your largest assets — your pension.

If you are going through a Dissolution of Marriage find here all the important information on what to do.

Terminating your domestic partnership with LAFPP? Find out how to do that here.

New Child

In the event of your passing LAFPP wants to ensure your child is taken care of. If you recently had a new child or have not added your child as a beneficiary follow these steps here to make sure in the event of your passing they receive you LAFPP benefit.

Click here

Leaving Employment

If you choose to leave the department before meeting your requirement eligibility you have a few options available with LAFPP depending on your tier.

Find more information about a refund of contributions, deferring your pension, or retirement, here.

Injury or Illness

If you are unable to perform your duties because of an injury or illness sustained on- or off-duty, you may be eligible to apply for a disability pension. To understand the process and requirements, the information below will provide you with the basic knowledge.

Disability Pensions

Applying for a Disability Pension

Death of Member

In the event of your death, there are three types of qualified survivors that may be eligible to receive a lifelong survivor pension.

If you pass away your survivor or beneficiary would first call LAFPP to report the passing.

Active Member deaths should be reported to the Disability Pension Section.

Retired Member deaths should be reported to the Retirement Services Section.

Once you provide the requested information and death certificate you will then be provided with a survivor packet with instructions on the next steps.

Click here find out more Survivor Benefits or Apply for a Qualified Surviving Spouse / Domestic Partner Pension

Moving/Change of Address

If you recently moved your home location it is important to keep all your information up to date with LAFPP. You can update your mailing and home address via MyLAFPP

Active Members: Update a Mailing Address

Retired Members: How to Update Mailing Address


If you have any additional questions about a life event that may arise